Like a lot of writers, Nic has been spectacularly successful at stacking up dozens of near misses in the publishing and movie entertainment business. For some years it was clearly his forte. But for some freak obstinacy gene he might still be looking at the less than thrilling prospect of posthumous success instead of having 3 novels to his name.

In September 2009 Nic took a break from churning out ad copy to produce and direct his own play, Virtually in Love, at The White Bear in London. Urged by many in his audience to turn his play into a screenplay, Nic wrote a treatment only to discover he was more inclined to turn it into a novel called The Internet Date, which has been published by US publisher Melange Books. His previous works of fiction include Hi, I’m Luna, I’m a Sex Addict and Just Boys.

Nic’s latest novel is called The Girl Who Wants Out, a neo noir story that takes an unflinching look at the cultural and socio economic divide between a Western professional and a beautiful and beguiling Thai escort. As an uncompromising study of obsessional love the novel has elicited comparisons with Nabakov’s Lolita and Henry Miller’s novels.

Nic has also written, produced and directed several short films, many of which have been screened at festivals, streamed online and on cable TV. His latest short films as a director are Bunking Off and The Prowler. End of 2012 he produced his daughter Shiona’s directing debut The Paintbrush.

He is currently producing 2 more short films and 5 feature films with Film Engine UK and is attached to direct the pilot for a high concept documentary produced by award winning screenwriter Eric J Adams.

Nic’s writing – when he’s not producing ad copy for blue chip clients – has been described as darkly compelling and highly insightful of what makes women tick. Though literary in origin, his noir-like stories focus on his characters’ sexual behavior and motivation and strive to peel away our social pretensions to get at the core of what drives us, to understand viscerally what makes for the truest of connections in our ever increasingly email-saturated lives.